Fiber Internet is Coming to Ridgway, CO



To make things easy on our crews and staff, we have divided our Ridgway buildout into 3 zones: Ridgway West, North, and South. Construction of our infrastructure inside Ridgway West is already underway. Pre-registration is available for all zones and gets you first in line for installation. If you see one of our contractors (Deeply Digital, Earthworx, and Spring Creek Cable) in your area, give them a friendly wave! During and after construction, our crews will work to restore any affected areas. Of course, no construction is perfect. So if you find an issue after our crews have left your area, let us know: (844) 240-6600.

Business + Residential Pricing

Additionally, we’ve updated our Fiber pricing for the entire Ridgway area. Residential customers have access to 200Mbps, 500Mbps, and 1,000Mbps (1G) plans with pricing starting at $60/mo. Small Businesses and Enterprise customers also have several new options for speeds and pricing, including several cost effective phone solutions!


Our goal is to make fiber internet as accessible as possible so we are offering free installations to customers who pre-register their address. Pre-registering gives our crew a heads up to make sure that your address is prepped for fiber internet while they’re installing infrastructure in the area. Your house or business will now be ready for fiber installation, and you can sign your Internet Service Agreement anytime within 2020 to be eligible for a free install.


While our crew is already installing infrastructure, there are a lot of pieces being organized on the backend to make these faster speeds possible. new middle mile circuits, network engineering, and coordination with both HOA’s and local officials are also underway. We fully expect all of the “stars to align” to begin connecting customers in August. Pre-registering your address is not only the best way to be placed first on the waiting list, but also gives us a way to contact you about our progress and how soon you can expect to begin using your new fiber internet.


Loghill Fiber Internet Project