TELLURIDE, Colo – (April 2nd, 2019) Clearnetworx, San Miguel County of Telluride and The Telluride Foundation are proud to announce the official launch of a community-connected fiber-optic broadband network for the Downtown Telluride area. This network provides an opportunity for organizations in Telluride to have access to increased bandwidth, one of the resources needed for business and economic development. The agreement also continues Clearnetworx’s mission to Create an Effortless Connection to Opportunity, Relationships and Education in Order to Enrich Communities in A Valuable Way.

The partnership started as a collaborative effort between San Miguel County, Telluride Schools, Norwood School, Telluride Library and Norwood Library, the Telluride Foundation, and Clearnetworx. DOLA & USAC invested in the first phase of the project, installing fiber-optic broadband infrastructure to gain access to Clearnetworx’s gigabit Internet access through the business district in Telluride. Telluride Medical Center furthered the fiber-optic investment within the community by extending the Medical Center’s network on the West side of town, while grant funding allowed installation of new infrastructure on the North side of town to the Telluride High/Middle School – This allows local businesses and residents to access Clearnetworx’s gigabit Internet. From there the town of Telluride worked with Clearnetworx to help build the network to the most crucial areas of town, while allowing the investment to be leveraged by other organizations within the town of Telluride. Deeply Digital LLC built the Carrier Neutral Location (CNL) where the fiber optic cabling and network infrastructure is located at the High/Middle School and has all brand-new equipment which will be served and maintained by Region 10 out of Montrose, CO.

“We are excited to be bringing fiber-optic Internet service to the town of Telluride. I would like
to specifically thank San Miguel County, the City of Telluride, the school district, Telluride
Medical Clinic, Wilkinson Public Library, Telluride Foundation, the many other community
members and contractors that helped make this happen. Also, the town of Telluride along with
their elected officials, and the team at Deeply Digital LLC for working so hard to make this
opportunity possible. In furthering Clearnetworx’s mission of connecting people effortlessly to
the internet, we look forward to bringing a 100% fiber network to organizations in Telluride and
delivering gigabit Internet service,”

Doug Seacat, Owner/Operator of Clearnetworx

San Miguel County Administrator Lynn Black helped drive the town’s commitment to 8
anchor institutions in Telluride,

“The County knows that broadband is important to our economy, school kids, medical centers and entrepreneurs. Additionally, the need for a redundant fiber line was made clear by several 911 outages in one year. DOLA (Department of Local Affairs) placed broadband as a high priority in unserved areas and set $20,000,000 aside for middle mile infrastructure. As part of the Region 10 network, the 6 counties will have a redundant network.”

Lynn Black, San Miguell County Administrator

The partnership between Clearnetworx and the Telluride Medical Center has proven to be a
success outside of the original partnerships.anchor institutions in Telluride,

“Since joining the fiber network it allows us to have a lot of latitude and flexibility to use resources outside the med center. Everything from companies that help us manage our network to how we deliver patient care. This is beneficial to our town.”

Eric Adolphi, IT Administrator for Telluride Medical Center


Clearnetworx, LLC is based in Montrose Colorado and operates A broadband network throughout the different western slope counties. Clearnetworx delivers effortless gigabit fiberoptic Internet and Intranet experience. Clearnetworx provides service to K-12 school districts, healthcare, public safety, government, not-for-profit, residential and commercial institutions. 100’s of organizations are already connected to Clearnetworx cutting edge fiber network. Clearnetworx is committed to Creating an Effortless Connection to Opportunity, Relationships and Education in Order to Enrich Communities in A Valuable Way. Enjoy faster service and connect now by contacting (888) 240-6600 or to receive a service quote.

To check out our video of the Fantastic Collaboration between Clearnetworx and an International Mountain Town, Telluride Colorado, Why Fiber Matters




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