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If you’re in one of the areas we’ve listed below, be sure to pre-register and we’ll email you when we start construction or installations!


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Expansion Effort

The Process

Here are some things to watch out for if you’re wondering when you can get connected. Remember, during any point in this process you can pre-register so you’re directly notified when we begin installations!

Door Hangers

We’ll give you a heads up that we’re starting construction in your area by placing door hangers.


You might see our crews working on utility poles or placing underground conduit.

Fiber Work

After the conduit is placed, we still typically have a 1-4 weeks worth of fiber jetting and splicing.


After our network is all finished, we’ll try to notify your area through emails, door hangers, or mailers.


Ta-Da! Just like that we’re installing you and your neighbors! We’ll reach out to schedule your install.

What Does Construction
Mean for Me?

As we begin construction of the fiber network in your area, we want you to know that we will be working closely with your community to alleviate any frustration that can arise with an infrastructure project.

We’re a community-based company, so we center our construction and service efforts around bringing the community a better experience.

A Few Important Notes:

  • Our infrastructure is always installed in approved utility and right-of-way spaces.
  • Things may look out of place during construction, but our crews will always return to tidy up!
  • You may see us working on both utility poles and roadways during fiber construction.
  • If you have concerns or something doesn’t look fully restored, don’t hesitate to contact us!

A Couple of Things That Can Cause Delays

These infrastructure projects are a large undertaking. While our team is supported by highly experienced construction managers and excavation pros, we can never fully predict the future. Our estimates for turning on your zone are our in-house teams’ best guesses, but here are a few things that may cause some delays:

Colorado Weather

It goes without saying, but it’s more difficult to dig when there are harsh weather conditions. Top that with Colorado’s constantly evolving weather patterns, and you’ll see why we may miss a few workdays.

Rules & Moratoriams

We always work very closely with local governing agencies. Some mountain communities have dig moratoriums during the winter or other rules that prevent us from constructing during certain times or days.

Utility Locates

Every utility provider is required by law to locate their own utilities in the areas we’re digging. Typically, these providers have 3 days to respond to our locate requests, but when we’re deploying a whole new utility in your area, it can be tough for some utility companies to keep up. We commonly work with these providers on our plans and schedules so they can plan accordingly, but you still will likely see us waiting on providers to finish locates before we start digging.


A Better Construction Experience

A community-focused fiber company starts with how we construct our network. By employing in-house design and construction managers, we’re able to better manage our deployments and reduce community frustrations. On top of that, we work with local subcontractors who care about the places they work. Keeping our investments local helps us take better care of our communities.

Our Experts:

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Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What are construction crews doing in my yard?

We are burying conduit which will house fiber optic cables. Our infrastructure is always installed in approved utility easements and right-of-way spaces that allow utilities like ours access to specific areas on private property. These are likely where your current utilities, like water, gas, and electric lines, are also located.

Why is there paint in my yard?

Because we work in areas where other utilities are buried, we need to have them located before we do any digging. A local utility marker will mark them with flags or water-based paint, which will dissolve over time.

Will my property be restored after construction is complete?

We understand construction can be disruptive, but our crews will always return to tidy up! Dedicated restoration crews will return your lawn, landscaping, driveway, etc. back to normal. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the results after our work is complete, please let us know at 970-240-6600. We’ll always work with you to make things right!