Sky’s the Limit, Fiber Internet

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Enterprise Grade Fiber Internet

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About Fiber

100% Fiber to the Premise

Really though, no coax or hybrid solution. Clearnetworx is 100% fiber optic all the way from our head-end to your home or business. We believe in future-proofing your internet, so your bandwidth can grow with your needs. Fiber is the only product out there that provides you with a symmetrical download and upload speed.

Compare the Fiber Internet Difference

Fiber Internet

Download an HD Movie in:
Download Top Gun: Maverick in 42 sec on your 1,000 Mbps fiber internet connection.

Download an HD Movie in 42 Sec

Cable Internet

Download an HD Movie in: 12 Minutes
Download Top Gun: Maverick in 12 minutes on a 50 Mbps cable internet connection.

Download an HD Movie in 12 Min

DSL Internet

Download in 30 Minutes

4G LTE Internet

Download in 25 Minutes

Go GIG or Go Home

The Fiber Difference


Our symmetrical speeds allow you to upload files as fast as you can download them.

Unlimited Data

The purpose of our fiber is internet freedom. Use as much as you want without the fear of data caps.

Speed Of Light

Fiber optic internet uses glass and light, so your bandwidth doesn’t suffer from provider overselling.


Fiber internet isn’t susceptible to heat, cold, and water like traditional cable service.

How You Can Make it Better with Fiber


Welcome to the best way to watch TV

Fiber gives you the power to stream on all your devices. So let’s cut the cord and amplify your TV experience.

  • Let your whole family stream all their devices at once, without lag or buffering.
  • Skip the cable contracts and save on live TV over fiber internet.
  • Looking for sports? Documentaries? The news? Customize your internet experience and stop paying for what you don’t use.

Gigabit Gaming

Level up your gaming experience

There is no better gaming experience. So you won’t be able to blame your internet connection anymore.

Leave lag behind. Our internet gives you latency down to 1ms.

Even large games download at the speed of light.

Fiber means reliable, which means you don’t drop your connection during those high stakes battles.

Work From Home

Telecommute like a pro, cause you are.

Working from home? Let’s set you up with the same connections that power big businesses.

  • Crystal clear video and voice calls.
  • The pros need reliability, and our fiber internet delivers.
  • Download and upload large files in no time with symmetrical internet speeds.