Electra Lake

A Connection That’s As Dedicated As You Are

Fiber Internet

Business Class Fiber Internet

Best Value

Fiber 150

150Mbps of Symmetrical Fiber Internet

1-5 Internet users. Great for small business or one man shops.

No Data Caps

No Hidden Fees

Local Support


Fiber 300

300Mbps of Symmetrical
Fiber Internet

5-10 Internet users. Good for small to medium businesses.

No Data Caps

No Hidden Fees

Local Support


Best Value

Fiber 500

500Mbps of Symmetrical Fiber Internet

10+ Internet users. Good for businesses with large files.

No Data Caps

No Hidden Fees

Local Support


Fiber 1GIG

1Gbps of Symmetrical Fiber Internet

10+ Internet users. Large business and studios with large file work.

No Data Caps

No Hidden Fees

Local Support


Small Business

Same awesome fiber connection, at a small business rate. Plus, our bundles combine some of the solutions your small business needs so you can focus on growing your business.


Dedicated fiber internet, static IP blocks, dark fiber, point to points, and BGP routing? We’ve got you covered. Reach out and we’ll connect you with a dedicated, local, sales engineer.


Gigabit speeds that allow you to use the internet for everything you love and more.


Upload photos as fast as you can download them with our symmetrical internet speeds.


Internet that’s ready for the businesses that operate in the big buildings and small buildings.


No hidden fees, flexible contract terms, and 100% local business class support.


100% Fiber Optic
to the Premise

Clearnetworx provides a 100% fiber to the premise solution for all our fiber customers. The same technology that powers Wall Street or Google, is now affordable for you. Get the advantages of symmetrical upload and download speeds, enhanced reliability, and pair it with our 100% local support techs.

Gigabit speeds mean your cloud storage is as fast as your local drive. Power your business with the cloud and ensure your data is always secured and redundant.

Clearnetworx Fiber internet provides the necessary speed and reliability to run VoIP and video conference solutions.

Business Class Support

Business Class Support

A real internet connection supported by real people. We’re here when you need our help with local phone support and local techs. We’ll provide you with solutions, not just our internet.

Business Grade Phone

Customizable Phone Solutions

Choose from a variety of phone products meant to make your life easier. Whether you’re looking for a simple, scalable phone system, or need to integrate SIP trunks, we have the solution. Plus, it’s all powered by our awesome and reliable fiber network.


Get your phone service and phone system all in one. Our hosted phones scale from small business to large organizations and let you take your extension wherever there’s an internet connection.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunk solutions for your current phone system. Save money on your current service, upgrade your support, and plan for high call volumes.


Using SIP technology, we can covert our fiber fed phone service into an analog service compatible with older phone systems. We’ve got you covered, even if you aren’t quite ready to make an upgrade.


Get the Same Awesome Internet, at Home

Clearnetworx fiber internet is available for residential. Take the super reliable internet you need for your business and bring it in your home. Then you can upload files from home as fast as you can from your office

Easy Internet Setup

Let Us Work with
Your IT

We get it. You want to run your business, not act like a network guy for the day. Put us in touch with your IT company or team and we’ll work directly with them to make sure your Internet installation and cutover happens smoothly.

Enterprise Grade Fiber

Awesome Fiber Internet
with Custom Products

Clearnetworx providers an X1 Router with every internet service package.

WAN Ethernet

Our WAN products connect all your sites securely, and seamlessly.

Enterprise Voice

Custom SIP and voice products for all your sites. Tie your systems and billing into one.

Dark Fiber

Let us help you build to locations that our outside our market coverage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Service Questions

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic internet uses glass strands to carry terabytes of data per second. Its capacity is virtually limitless which means the infrastructure we place in the ground is future-proofed for the needs of the communities we serve. We can provide our customers with gigabit speeds regardless of how many homes we connect in your neighborhood. Because fiber optic uses pulses of light to transmit data, it’s also not susceptible to weather, temperature, and water like traditional cable providers. So in short, we’re making the investment in fiber internet because we believe it’s the best investment for your community.

Where do you offer internet service?

We currently have or are expanding service across the Western Slope of Colorado. You can view a full list of our current and upcoming service areas by selecting either Residential or Business.

How much does Clearnetworx service cost?

Our packages and costs vary by service area and our cost to construct in your region. You can select your service area to view pricing specific to your area. For every area, we structure our pricing to be very competitive and not sacrifice our local support structures or super reliable internet.

Does Clearnetworx require a contract?

We don't require contracts for our small business plans. We want you to use our service because you want to, not because you have too. So our services are month to month and you wont be charged for anything until service is installed. We won't put any contractual or financial risk on you for supporting us and our growth!

Is there an activation or setup fee?

In some markets we require a $100 activation fee. However, in most new markets we're currently waiving that fee! You can order service online and we automatically apply things like free activations if your area qualifies.

Do I need additional equipment to use Clearnetworx internet?

Nope! We want to provide you with a better internet experience, and your home router is a part of that. We include our Clearnetworx Magic Router, a Wi-Fi 6 Dual Band router, with every installation. That way we can ensure all your devices have access to all that speed we’re pumping into your home. Of course, if you would rather use your own equipment, we can plug straight into your own router as well. Learn more about the Clearnetworx Magic Router, and whole home Wi-Fi here.

Does Clearnetworx offer phone service?

We do! We have scalable phone solutions for both residential and business customers starting at $30/mo. Learn more about our phone service and how it works here.

Can I watch TV with Clearnetworx Service?

Of course! Our fiber internet provides the best experience for streaming TV content. Ditch the cable contract and bring some flexibility and cost savings to your TV experience with streaming providers. Even get all your live TV content like sports and news through services like Youtube TV. We’ll even help you set up your new TV solution if you need. Give us a call to learn more.