Press Release Elk Meadows

by Mar 2, 2022Press



Looking forward to extending broadband service in rural Colorado

MONTROSE, March 17th, 2022: Clearnetworx is excited to be able to announce that they have secured funding from the Colorado Broadband Fund to bring broadband internet connectivity to the Elk Meadows community in Ouray County. The total projected cost of the project is $1,476,934.41 which includes matching funds of $369,223.60 from Clearnetworx.

Elk Meadows is a Fiber to the Premise Project that will extend fiber internet service into a community of 106 homes. The project area is located south-west of Ridgway and currently suffers from extremely poor connectivity with speeds rarely exceeding 10/1 mbps. Specifically, the project will build out an aerial extension from the Olathe County Public Health middle mile fiber which was built with the specific purpose of helping to connect under-served communities like Elk Meadows to broadband service.

The fiber optic technology that will be deployed by Clearnetworx will bring high speed connections and unrivalled reliability with a pricing structure that has options for households and businesses with a range of needs and budgets. Residential plans start at $60 per month. Clearnetworx also participates in federal programs to help lower monthly charges for qualifying customers.

Although the contracting processes is still underway with the State of Colorado, Clearnetworx hopes to start the project in XXXXX, 2022. Time to completion will be around XXX months from the start date.

Speaking about the successful grant application, Clearnetworx Owner Doug Seacat noted “our team is grateful to have the opportunity to apply for state and federal funds through the Colorado Broadband Fund, without this program it would be extremely unlikely remote and rural communities like Elk Meadows would be able to look forward to having broadband connectivity any time soon. We understand how important a fast reliable connection is to residents in these areas and we’re excited to be part of the solution.”

Clearnetworx will communicate with residents in the neighborhood in advance of construction starting to help the community understand the process and timeline. As construction progresses the Relationship Team will reach out to interested household to help get them schedule for connection.