Clearnetworx Voice

Residential Hosted Phone

The simplicity of your home phone service, delivered over the internet with our smart features. Starting at $30/mo.

Crystal Clear Audio      Built in Caller ID

Unlimited Local + Long Distance

Talk When you Want,
as Much as You Want

Our phone service is as simple as our internet. We don’t believe in hidden fees or complicated pricing structures. Our residential phone service is $30/mo and you can talk as much as you like, even if the person your calling is across the country.

Number Porting

Come with us, but
Bring Your Number with You

Moving services shouldn’t be inconvenient, so we’ll port your number over from your current carrier and set it up on your new service. You stay in touch with your friends, and we’ll worry about the technical stuff.

Set Your Schedule

Set schedules for when you can receive calls.

Visual Voicemail

Add transcribed voicemails to your account.

Call Forwarding

Setup call forwarding from any place any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Service Questions

What is Hosted Voice?

Unlike analog phone providers, we deliver your phone service over your internet connection. It gives you crystal clear audio and allows you to take advantage of things like visual voicemail. Because of this, if you lose your internet connection, your phone will also drop. Luckily we have some of the most reliable internet out there.

Can I use my current phones?

Yes! The hosted voice solution we provide is compatible with most cordless handsets. Or, we can provide you with a corded desk phone.

Do you require a contract for voice service?

We don’t. We want you to use our service because you want to, not because you have too. So our services are month to month and you wont be charged for anything until service is installed. We won’t put any contractual or financial risk on you for supporting us and our growth!

Can I make international calls with Clearnetworx Voice?

Absolutely. Our standard phone service comes with unlimited local and long distance calling. We do offer international calls as an add on to your voice plan. Just give us a call and we’ll help you get everything set up.