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Built in the western slope of Colorado, by people in the western slope of Colorado.


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We are coming to a finish on the Main Line construction within the Loghill grant zone and our crews are performing road crossings in the various areas where pavement is present. Over the course of this summer, you’ve also probably seen us placing conduits from our hand holes to residents’ homes in preparation for fiber installs. The good news is that we are nearing the end of messy and often inconvenient construction! The even better news is that our crews are transitioning over to completing fiber installs and connecting your homes to those fiber-fast speeds. However, there is still some work to do, including cleanup in several areas of our grant zone. We want to assure you we’re committed to the remaining restoration and if you have an immediate concern, we’ve set up a form for you to reach out directly to our relationship and construction managers. 


With our mainline construction beginning to wrap up, many of our crews are performing conduit drops to homes and the road crossings to get your drop to our infrastructure. We now have a full-time crew focusing on these connections and our scheduling team is starting to batch installations within specific zones. We’ve set up a map to show which zones are going into an installation phase, and which zones are next. If you’re in one of these Connection Zones, and you have a signed ISA, you’ll receive an email telling you what days our installers will be in your area performing installations. That means you can either call in to reserve your install time or wait for one of our team members to call you and arrange this time. 

Don’t see us working in your area? Don’t be discouraged! We are working hard to install as many homes as possible before snowfall. We plan to have all crews working in the Loghill grant area until the first snow and will of course return in the spring to finish any connections that we aren’t able to complete this fall. 


Pre-registering gives our team a heads up that you are interested but to get Fiber Internet to your home, customers must complete an Internet Service Agreement. Completing an Internet Service Agreement gives our team a better idea as to what package you want and what equipment will be required upon installation.